Starting your day off right: The ultimate guide to winning your mornings as a leader

I am a morning person. Always have been. Well, maybe not when I was a teenager… Most people are sharpest in the mornings. If you are a night owl, this post is not for you. Otherwise, read on. Recognizing that […]

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Be the CEO of “Me Inc.”

What if you led and managed your life in the same way as you run your company? With the same intention. Look at how you run your company. It is full of intention. You write vision statements, mission statements, values. […]

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From Overwhelm to Inspiration: Balancing Work and Creativity for CEOs: Part 1

Do you wish you were more creative? That new ideas and inspiration flowed more freely? Perhaps they did back in the early days of your company and now that spark is gone? What happened? My guess is that the answer […]

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Do you have board meetings or bored meetings?

Most CEOs I know do not look forward to their board meetings. This is especially true for boards that are dominated by institutional investors vs. Independents. This is a wasted opportunity. While the CEO reports to the board, the CEO […]

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Finding the right investor for your business

There is so much written about fundraising, yet many founders make basic mistakes. That was OK in the last 18 months when $ were flowing. Now, there is no room for error. This list is an actual pipeline from from […]

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Managing co-founders as you scale

In most of my discussions with CEOs we end up talking about their leadership team. CEOs succeed through their leaders and so the strength of those leaders = the impact of the CEO. Naturally, that leadership team includes one or […]

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