The three phases of the CEO role

The CEO role evolves across 3 themes as you go from startup to scale: Phase 1: Product Until you have product-market fit, you are not really CEO. You are the product manager. Any time not spent in product is a […]

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The CEO is customer #1

The CEO is customer #1. This is something I say to my clients all the time. Anyone familiar with the concept of ‘servant leadership’ might not agree. So let me expand on this. In the startup world, all the biggest […]

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Cracking the CEO Code: Strategies for Success in the Toughest Exec Role

The only way to prepare to be a CEO is by being one. There is no school or university degree. You can’t get a Bachelor of CEOdom. Every other leadership role is based on specific functional expertise and has a […]

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What marriages teaches us about life

I attended a beautiful wedding in Paris this weekend. A black tie affair at the Ritz. Hard to top that experience in the city of love. As I flew home the next day, I thought about what marriage tells us […]

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My biggest lessons from COVID

Back in March 2020, I was still running my investment bank, SurePath, and Q1 was a whirlwind. Fresh off a fantastic year, we were charging full steam ahead into 2020. It seemed like my airline status would once again soar […]

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The Founders Dilemma: Separating Ownership from Management

Founders have a special kind of magic. They are not like the other leaders in a company, nor should they be. However, despite that magic, they are often faced with the founder’s dilemma: separating their founder role from their role […]

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