What are you in love with?

Entrepreneurs start companies for many reasons. For some, they see $ signs from a massive opportunity. For others, they just feel they know what the market wants (that is so much better than current alternatives). For others still, they are […]

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The power of getting 1% better daily

When you are building a startup out of nothing, every day counts. Especially while you are still burning money. Many CEOs think that they need to grind harder. Work more hours. Hustle. Sleep when they die, etc. The key for […]

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The Power of “I don’t know”

“I don’t know”. Three simple words. Words that we think in our heads all the time. Words that we likely share with others a lot less frequently. Words that can have a tremendous positive or negative impact on culture and […]

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Thoughts on managing runway and burn

Venture capital is a great thing. It enables us to grow companies far faster than we could organically. It enables us to think big. To move fast, be aggressive and chase huge outcomes. I’m sure you have noticed that funding […]

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Are you operating at the right altitude?

Much has been written about the role of a CEO, generally, and in a high growth startup environment specifically. Perhaps the clearest post on this subject was from Fred Wilson back in 2010. According to Fred, A CEO “does only […]

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The thing with investors’ advice

Remember, all advice is just input. The ultimate decision is yours alone

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