How to Have More Fun at Work

How do I get more performance out of my team? I get this question a lot. One idea: Have more FUN at work! Create a fun work environment I often think about athletes when I think of my CEOs. They […]

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What Do Investors Want? Just One Thing

What do investors want? One thing: Growth. That’s what you sign up for when you raise venture capital. We have all read the stories of the big outliers. The Shopifys, Facebooks, Airbnbs, etc. That’s what investors are looking for. The […]

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How to Improve CEO Mental Health

Do you struggle with mental health? Is it hard to be happy sometimes? Hard to even get out of bed? 1 out of 4 people will have mental health issues at some point. I am certain that the stats for […]

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The case for not deferring happiness

When is the last time you were truly “happy”? When was the last time you experienced real “joy”? I asked one of my CEOs this recently. He talked about the day he got married and when his kids were born. […]

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When to borrow to grow your business

I am often asked about when or if a company should take on debt to help grow their business. Here are my thoughts: Sources of Capital There are three source of capital to grow your business: Revenue – well, actually, […]

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How Venture Capital Works

Do you understand how venture capital works? Understanding how VC funds work is a crucial first step in learning how to raise venture capital effectively. Venture Capital Case Study: How VC Works Here’s a case study to illustrate how VC […]

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