Transforming from Founder to CEO

Founders are a special breed. It takes a certain kind of crazy to start something from nothing. And an even rarer, beautiful form of crazy to attempt to create or disrupt large markets in a short amount of time. I […]

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How much time are you wasting?

What does it mean to ‘waste’ time? What I consider to be a waste, you may consider valuable, and vice versa. How do we know if we are wasting time? We can likely figure it for ourselves. But how do […]

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Are you happy? I mean “really” happy?

In my conversations with CEOs, a common topic that comes up is their happiness. Or lack of happiness. Perhaps you’re wondering how it is that these masters of the universe, founders of companies, in full control (or so it would […]

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The Barbell Approach to CEO Time Management

I don’t envy CEO’s schedules. They serve many stakeholders, all of whom want or need something from them. Without strict focus and prioritization, you end up being an inch thick and a mile wide trying to stay on top of […]

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Where are you compromising?

Compromise: Noun. Examples: settle a dispute by mutual concession. Accept standards that are lower than is desirable. Compromising is a natural part of life. We do it every day. We do it in our personal lives. We do it at […]

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CEO = CCO: Chief Communications Officer

The higher up you are in a company org chart, the more your role is about communication vs. execution. Nowhere is this more true than for the CEO. As soon as you are into scaling mode (post product-market fit) and […]

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