Leading Diverse Teams

Startups are an inherently creative exercise. We literally create a company out of nothing. From an idea to an initial product to, hopefully, a thriving company. There is no one way to do this. Otherwise, we would all be following […]

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Beyond Competition: Transforming your Market with Blue Ocean Strategy

An Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy  Venture-backed startups face immense challenges. Most startups fail. The ones that succeed, usually succeed BIG! Often, they do this by either creating a new market that didn’t exist before or reinventing an existing market. […]

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Internal Communication Strategies for Effective Leadership

The higher you move up in your career, the more your role becomes a communications role. For CEOs then, your role is mostly a communications one. CEO communication requires communicating the same things over and over again: Vision, mission, values, […]

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The Secret to a Winning Startup Growth Strategy: Lessons from Uber

“The minute you raise VC, you have one option – grow & try to become big. No VC is interested in dividends – they want growth.” – Mark Suster, Upfront Ventures VCs want one thing: growth! I talk about this […]

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Cultivating a Growth Mindset Leadership Style

Leading a startup is different from leading a “normal” company. With a startup, especially one that has raised venture capital, the goal is revenue growth. Speed is the primary strategy and primary tactic. Getting to a destination faster than your […]

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Preventing & Overcoming Leadership Burnout for CEOs

Burnout is real. It is increasingly common in society at large. And is likely the default state for most CEOs. This is tragic and I am on a mission to change it! I was that person. I have been there. […]

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