What if you took 52 vacations per year?

I’m back in action today after almost three weeks off. I come back renewed, feeling more creative, full of ideas and ready to serve my clients fully. This experience has me thinking about the importance of rest and relaxation for […]

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Are you living your values?

Values show up again and again in my conversations with CEOs. It is my belief that misaligned or simply unarticulated values are the root cause of all disagreements, mismatches in expectations, etc. This is as true in life as it […]

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The CEO Growth Roadmap

As a founding CEO, as soon as you raise capital, you commit yourself and your company to a one-way journey towards (hopefully) delivering a massive outcome. When you look at the biggest outcomes, they are almost always founder-led, start to […]

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Are you the smartest person in the room?

One of the most important roles of a CEO is the building of a strong leadership team. This is actually the single most scalable thing you can do as a CEO. Over time, you go from succeeding through your own […]

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Stop “shoulding” yourself!

How often do you find yourself saying the word “should”? I should have done this. I should have done that. I should do more. The list of “shoulds” is endless. Who says you should? What is the source of that […]

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Do your leaders know how to work with you?

As I have written about before, building the best possible senior team is the single most scalable thing a CEO can do to grow the business. The right leaders will give you leverage. The wrong leaders will slow you down. […]

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