Thoughts on Managing Cash Burn & Runway

Venture capital is a great thing. It enables us to grow companies far faster than we could organically. It enables us to think big. To move fast, be aggressive, and chase huge outcomes. I’m sure you have noticed that funding […]

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Are you operating at the right altitude?

Much has been written about the role of a CEO, generally, and in a high growth startup environment specifically. Perhaps the clearest post on this subject was from Fred Wilson back in 2010. According to Fred, A CEO “does only […]

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The thing with investors’ advice

Remember, all advice is just input. The ultimate decision is yours alone

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The Fallacy of Sunk Costs: Are Sunk Costs Relevant?

Over the years as CEOs have come to me to talk through difficult decisions involving a change in strategy or direction, I have always asked them one simple question: Knowing everything you know now, would you still make the same […]

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A new chapter: Sharing one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made

Five years ago I launched SurePath Capital Partners. I didn’t have a master plan. I just knew that I loved advising founders and loved doing deals. I also wanted to do my own thing. Early on, we made a decision […]

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