Hiring the best vs. hiring the familiar

It is usually a good sign when people that have worked with a CEO in a past company follow that person to the next company. You only become a leader when people choose to follow you. So if they are […]

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The zen of missing targets

We are living in unprecedented times. 2020 has been a challenging year to say the least. With lockdowns, businesses going fully remote overnight and many more challenges, 2020 has tested our resilience, both personally and in our businesses. Some sectors […]

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What’s Wrong with Having a Lifestyle Business?

In the startup world, the term “lifestyle business” is used to dismiss a business where the founders don’t want to “go for it” and pursue growth at all costs. People say, ‘Oh that’s JUST a lifestyle business’. In the real […]

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The Power of Employee Acknowledgement

Despite the propensity of startup founders to always be telling the outside world that they are “crushing it”, the fact is building high-growth companies is hard. It is particularly hard for founding CEOs, whose identity, and often sense of self-worth, […]

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The Virtuous Cycle of Hiring the Best

In Jim Collins’ management classic From Good to Great, one of the first steps in building great companies is to ‘get the right people on the bus’. In other words, hiring the best of the best. Even before you figure […]

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Do you speak first or last?

The CEO is the single most important person in a company. Founding CEOs, in particular, have more knowledge, context & passion than anyone else. There is also a very strong correlation between founder/ CEO success and company outcome. This is […]

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