Cultivating a Growth Mindset Leadership Style

Leading a startup is different from leading a “normal” company. With a startup, especially one that has raised venture capital, the goal is revenue growth. Speed is the primary strategy and primary tactic. Getting to a destination faster than your […]

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Preventing & Overcoming Leadership Burnout for CEOs

Burnout is real. It is increasingly common in society at large. And is likely the default state for most CEOs. This is tragic and I am on a mission to change it! I was that person. I have been there. […]

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Work ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business

“Work ON your business, not IN it”. This quote and insight came from a book I read over 20 years ago. The E-Myth Revisited By Michael Gerber was a game-changer for me. It started me on a journey of supporting […]

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Leadership Lessons: Reflections from 2023

2023 was a difficult year for startup CEOs. The tech funding environment cooled off significantly. Startup valuations came back down to Earth. This made it harder to raise capital, leaving many companies in limbo. Exit options were few and far […]

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Modern Leadership: Redefining CEO Success

Business leadership is an ever-evolving field. According to Harvard University, there are over 15,000 published books on leadership. And that statistic is 10 years old! We can only assume there are many more now. Why is so much written about […]

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How to Have More Fun at Work

How do I get more performance out of my team? I get this question a lot. One idea: Have more FUN at work! Create a fun work environment I often think about athletes when I think of my CEOs. They […]

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