Execution Over Ideas: Mark Ang’s Philosophy of Startup Success

Check out my discussion with Mark Ang on The Startup CEO Show. This young entrepreneur built GoBolt as a side hustle in college. It is now is a significant enterprise that earned him a spot on the Forbes 30 under […]

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Building Trust and Embracing Change with Jordan Boesch

Take a look at the transcript from my conversation with Jordan Boesch on The Startup CEO Show, who has scaled 7shifts from a nascent startup to a powerhouse with over 400 employees. Uncover Insights from This Episode Mark MacLeod:In this […]

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Optimizing Your Recruitment Funnel: A Strategic Guide for CEOs

Everything comes down to people. Every issue. Every opportunity. Unless you have a factory producing widgets, your people are your company. Your company is only as strong as your people. Building the strongest team that you can is one of […]

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How to Know When it is Time to Sell your Startup with Ben Jabbawy

Here’s a transcript of my conversation with Ben Jabbawy on The Startup CEO Show. Ben was the mastermind behind Privy’s remarkable journey to a $120 million exit.  Explore the Episode Transcripts for Valuable Takeaways: Mark MacLeod:In this episode, I sit […]

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Kirk Simpson’s Journey From Near Bankruptcy to a $400M Exit – The Startup CEO Show

In this first episode of episode of The Startup CEO Show, we dive deep into the dynamic world of startups, revealing the secrets behind some of the biggest successes in the startup world.  Dive into the Episode’s Transcript for Expert […]

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When, Why, & How to Hire a Business Coach

I bought my first book on business coaching in 2002. For some reason, I was intuitively drawn to it. I knew I wanted to do it. I didn’t become one till 2020, but I never lost the desire to be […]

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