The personal year end review: 2022 Edition

Each year for the last six years, I have taken a personal offsite. I have moved to a different physical location in order to change context. I have then walked through the year that has just passed and planned for […]

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Are you slowing your company down?

As CEO, you set the example. What you do (more than what you say) determines the values and norms in your company. As I have written about before many times, speed is both the primary strategy and primary tactic when […]

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Instrument your way to happiness

Much has been written about the stress founders experience in starting and growing a company. Many of us, not just founders, live in a state of ‘fight or flight’. Always on edge. This is particularly so for founders trying to […]

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Hiring is our most important job

Many companies say that their people are their greatest asset. This sounds nice. But for starters, your staff are not an asset. They are portable. More so than ever. They come. They go. But this statement does hint at the […]

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Does your startup need to go on a diet?

When we think of startups, we don’t often think of bloat. After all, ‘lean startup’ is a thing… However, fat comes in many form and startups are not immune. It is a given that over time your company will accumulate […]

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Building your executive team. Part 1: Hiring

As a startup grows, the CEO role goes from doing everything early on to eventually handing off all day-to-day operational responsibility to a leadership team. Given this transition, a key success factor for any CEO looking to grow her company […]

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