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June 15, 2023 - Mark MacLeod

Be the CEO of “Me Inc.”

What if you led and managed your life in the same way as you run your company? With the same intention.

Look at how you run your company. It is full of intention.

You write vision statements, mission statements, values.

You plan annually, quarterly. You document things. You communicate them.

You seek alignment and make sure everyone is pointing in the same direction.

What if you applied those practices to your life?

This is an extract from my Notion. As you can see I have annual goals, annual reviews, quarterly reviews, monthly reviews.

I have taken time to describe my ideal life, right down to what my ideal day looks like.

I have a mission statement for my time in this human form. I even wrote a eulogy as part of a retreat I did in 2021 (not the one I actually expect to be spoken at my funeral).

We can’t just rely on our thoughts to run our life. If someone saw a transcript of another person’s thoughts, they would think that person was crazy.

Let’s face it, our thoughts are generally all over the place.

We need the discipline of writing, documenting, planning, reviewing, etc to get the most out of life. To create alignment, direction and to harness our intention. Just the need the same in our businesses.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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